To the Winners of #Startups2021, With Love: by@startups

To the Winners of #Startups2021, With Love:

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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't--you're right." - Henry Ford

Thank you to the problem solvers who campaigned extra hard in the first-ever HackerNoon Startups of the Year competition!

HackerNoon’s Startups of the Year focuses on recognizing the passion and stamina of those willing to find and create effective tech solutions for their cities.

To see who is a winner in each respective city, visit and pick a city. The name at the top of the list is the winner. (Awards, where cheaters were caught, are under review.)

From all of us at HackerNoon, thank YOU for your excellent campaign perseverance🥺! We look forward to seeing you again in the 2022 campaign (stay tuned 😉)!

Without further adieu, let us kick off our series of Best Startups of the Year by sharing the cities with top votes per region for 2021 🎉 .

Stay tuned for the rest of the winners per region to be announced over the course of this week (Feb 14, 2022).

North and Central America

America is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, the world’s capital of fashion, showbiz, business, major industry, etc., and surely, of Startups!

Representing North and Central America, we have:

  1. Boulder (14,563 votes): Winner:
  2. New York City (10,521 votes) - Winner: Hum Capital
  3. San Francisco (7,987 votes) - Winner: Zentist
  4. Redwood City (7,713 votes) - Winner: TigerGraph
  5. Los Altos (469 votes) - Winner: Stobox

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Charming, sophisticated, cosmopolitan. There are many beautiful words used to describe this region. With its eccentric vibe, Europe is also a place where new Startups thrive.

Representing Europe we have:

  1. Belfast (10, 010 votes) - Winner: Bob & Berts
  2. Ghent (5, 066 votes) - Winner: WeGroup
  3. Porto (4, 712 votes) - Winner: TAIKAI
  4. City of London (3, 779 votes) - Winner: Crypto Quantique

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The heat, the beaches, roaming kangaroos, or tarantulas? No. Startups! Representing the region of Oceania are:

  1. Sydney (1, 011 votes) - Winner: shotstack
  2. Melbourne (430 votes) - Winner: Doohly
  3. Gold Coast (118 votes) - Winner: Easil
  4. Tauranga (76 votes) - Winner: LawVu
  5. Western Junction (40 votes) - Winner: Today We Learned

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Diverse in both ethnicity and culture, known for exotic sceneries as well as friendly people.

Many Asian countries are on the verge of mass globalization and modernization. These fast-developing economies give way for many potential Startups.

We present, for Asia:

  1. Singapore (12, 686 votes) - Winner: Cake DeFi
  2. Tel Aviv (3,355 votes) - Winners: Applitools and hyro (It’s a tie, we’re working on it!)
  3. Beirut (2, 402 votes) - Winner: Hovi Digital Lab
  4. Hyderabad (1.006 votes) - Winner: Quixy
  5. Hanoi (756 votes) - Winner: DeFi For You

To see more city awards in this region please click here.


The second biggest continent in the world, home to many big animals, the longest river in the world AND the largest desert in the world. Africa is known for many big things and sure enough, big Startups.

Representing Africa, we have:

  1. Johannesburg (884 votes) - Winner: MiBRAND
  2. Lagos (804 votes) - Winner: Goodtalent
  3. Cape Town (526 votes) - Winner: Revix
  4. Lusaka (420 votes) - Winner: ComGrow
  5. Nairobi (224 votes) - Winner: UTU

To see more city awards in this region please click here.

South America

“South America is the land of the extreme.” - National Geographic

Extremely beautiful people? Yes. Extremely worth-noticeable Startups? Hell yeah!

We proudly present, Startups in South America:

  1. São Carlos (217 votes ) - Winner: Predify

  2. Belo Horizonte (193 votes) - Winner: CM Technologia

  3. Porto Alegre (106 votes) - Winner: Privacy Tools

  4. Quito (82 votes) - Winner: Agrodemanda

  5. Rio De Janeiro (55 votes) -Winner: Bybrand

    To see more city awards in this region please click here.

Once again, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and BIG PROPS to all of the top Startups of each region this year!

The whole team at HackerNoon would like to thank you for your excellent campaign perseverance and we look forward to seeing you in the 2022 campaign.

As part of honoring your participation, we will continue to host your company in this directory until further notice ( for legal reasons we hesitate to say ‘forever’..but pretty much forever).  As traffic is directed to the site, it will act as a promotional platform for your company.

Have a great Valentine’s Day, HackerNoon loves y’all <3

More Information:

If you’re a winner, please answer this interview! If you’re a reader, participant, just a curious individual, consider answering one of our interviews here.

Read the FAQs about Startups here or here.

To see all of the winners you may visit this site, pick any city and view the name that appears at the top.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, we invite you to look through some of these unique sponsorship options or reach out to our business department.

Perhaps creating your very own writing contest tickles your fancy or maybe you have a whole new idea for how we can partner!

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

We truly appreciate your contribution to the tech world and thus the future!

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This post was written by Tuan Anh Vu.

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