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The Best PUBG Skins of All Time

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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds ( PUBG ) is one of the most famous shooting games right now. Apart from its high-class graphics and superb gaming experience, PUBG is also known for its Best Inventory Lists.

Today you will find all the famous streamers loaded with outfits and skins that give a next-level appearance to the character.

So, let's check out some best PUBG skins of all time.

Pharaoh X Suit

The glory of Egypt is back, Pharaohs are Live Now.

Pharaoh X suit is one of the most popular outfits in PUBG. This X suit was out in Season 14 and is upgradable up to Max Level 6. This outfit is Golden and Blue with an appearance of a Mummy. When you upgrade the max level of this X suit, your Character will turn into an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Blood Raven X Suit


The world is afraid of ScareCrows. Are you?

Blood Raven is one of the most popular skins amongst almost all Pubg players.

It looks like a black scarecrow that changes your character into a Red-black Blood Raven with Crows all-around when you upgrade this x suit to the max level.

Poseidon X Suit

Get the Poseidon X suit and Rule over the ocean.

Pubg has launched the Poseidon X suit in the previous season giving an impressive look. This X Suit in Blue Shade gives a mythic feel & when you upgrade this outfit to its max level, It turns your character into a Shining Blue Ocean King with a Magic Stick in Hand surrounded by the fishes.

Avalanche X Suit

Snow Kings are more powerful than the White Witches.

Avalanche X suit is the latest upgradable X suit of PUBG and has an impressive look of White Warrior that turns into a Shining White Snow King with a Lightning Bright Ice Sword in hand after updating to its max level.

Violet Halo Set

Like purple? Let's check this out.

Violet Halo set is a purple outfit that comes with Long Multicolor headgear, Violet-Pink pants, Sky blue Belt, and Long Purple Shoes with a white Mini Coat having two Sky blue Stars at its bottom.

Wraith Lord Set

Feel The Power of Green

Wraith Lord Set was out on Halloween's Event with a fantastic emote. This outfit is in the form of a green Scary Suit mixed with Grey Metallic Armour that makes your character look like a Scary Knight.

Kong Set


Godzilla vs King Kong Rivalry Begins.

Kong Set is one of the famous outfits in PUBG. This Outfit was live at the Godzilla VS King Kong Event and was loved by all. The Kong Set comes with a black monkey body and a scary Set of Carnivore's Teeth that will change your character into a Giant Dangerous Ape which is almost similar to the Ape of King Kong movie.

Glacial Punisher Set


Become the Dominator of Ice.

Again a very famous outfit of PUBG that comes with a stylish look of a white octopus-shaped structure having sky blue wings with Sparkling golden Finishing. The headcover of this outfit is of a unique shape that looks similar to the arms of the octopus.

Masked Wasp Set

Among the favorites and decent outfits of all time and is made up of Yellow-Black color with little Wings on the back and round-shaped green eyes that turn your character into a Wasp.

Fool Set

Fool Set comes with a stylish purple-black rain suit with a Joker mask covering the whole head. Its purple shoes and gloves give a decent look with its Fool Gun Skin.

Godzilla Set

Godzilla wants to hunt King Kong.

Godzilla set is the famous outfit of PUBG that changes your character into a Giant Black Dinosaur having big sharp teeth. This outfit gives the same look as the Dinosaur in the Godzilla movie.

Arctic Witch Set


Want to become an Ice Queen?

Especially this outfit is loved by girls as it gives a royal feel like a Queen. It has a white hat with two rabbit ears and a Sky blue dress of ice color that looks very impressive.

Acolyte of Justice

It's time to fight for Justice.

The Acolyte of Justice outfit seems quite Similar to the Assassin's Creed. It has a white-red dress with golden-black finishing and gives the appearance of a Warrior to the Character.

Lady of Blood


Vampire Queen wants more Blood.

Again one more fabulous outfit from the Halloween Event. This outfit has a very high demand in girls as it turns the character into a thirsty bloody vampire queen. Also, this outfit is red that represents blood lust and gives a Scary Look.

Avian Tyrant Set

Dragon Ball Z is BackΒ 

The Avian Tyrant Set reminds the characters of the Dragon Ball Z series as it comes with a purple dress with stylish long wings on the back and Straight fire-like Hairs on the portion of headgear that makes a perfect combination with the whole dress.

Red Commander Set


See your Commander in the dress of Dracula.

The Red Commander Set is a combined formation of a Vampire and a Commander outfit. It has red, black, and golden colors with a proper finishing and high-class design that turns the character into Vampire Commander. Its headgear gives the appearance of a Commander & its body looks like a Dracula.

Charged Armor Set

Astronaut is giving Electric Shocks.

Most of the outfits are sexy, but the Charged Armor Set is a stylish combination of White and Black with a light touch of Sky blue color. After wearing this outfit, your character will appear like an Astronaut having some Electric powers like Thor.

Time Traveler Set

Now Time is in your hands.

Dress up like a great magician who can control the whole world. This White Time traveler outfit with minor Red Dots looks more impressive along with its long overhead cap that makes your character appear more powerful.

Queen of Riches Set


Become the Queen of Queens.

It is one of the selected outfits for the girls. This Outfit is a combination of Sparkling Golden Finishing with a Shining White Royal Dress of Queen that enhances the beauty of the Character by 10x times.

Lion Champion Set

The God of Jungle is out now.

Roar like a Lion in your yard. Get this Lion Champion Outfit and turn your character into a White Muscular Boxer Lion wearing dangerous headgear and Classical Shorts that look very attractive.

Forest ELf Set


The Gorilla War has started. Let's save the forest.Β 

The forest Elf set is the perfect combination of Green, pink and white colors. This outfit is specially designed for Jungle fights as it looks similar to the ghillie suits. Forest Elf Set has grass-like leaves on the back that helps the player at the end zone Snake Fights.

Choose your Favourite Outfit Now

These were some best PUBG outfits and are still in demand today. What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments.


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