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NetApp, Inc. provides software, systems, and cloud services to manage and share data on-premises, and private and public clouds worldwide. The company offers cloud storage ...

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11000 employees
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Since 1992
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17525 at Alexa

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Setapp aims to solve the App problem for Macs
Published at Nov 29, 2016 by ChrisChinchilla
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Why, When And How to Run User Interviews
Published at Nov 28, 2019 by yaroslav
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How We Achieved $1M ARR in Six Months
Published at Nov 24, 2019 by yaroslav

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Storage suppliers start to pull out from Russia
Published at Mar 07, 2022 by blocksandfiles
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NetApp to Participate in Upcoming Technology Conference
Published at Mar 03, 2022 by Morningstar, Inc.
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Top data fabric solutions for your business
Published at Mar 02, 2022 by Analytics India Magazine
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WEKA Appoints Nilesh Patel as Chief Product Officer
Published at Mar 01, 2022 by Associated Press
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Published at Feb 24, 2022 by India Times