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Meet the Winners of Startups in South America

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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't--you're right." - Henry Ford

In 2021, HackerNoon hosted the first-ever Startup of the Year awards!!

The goal of this campaign was to give recognition to the hardworking startups who pulled through the pandemic -- growing and thriving (despite all of the challenges).

More than 44,000 startups were nominated all across the globe! They were selected from over 4,553 cities, with a total number of * cough * “4 billion” votes. Insane, right?

To see who is a winner in each respective city, visit and pick a city. The name at the top of the list is the winner. (Awards, with compromised reviews, are under review.)

The Startups Winners Announcement Series will announce the winners per region in their respective cities.

Apparently, South America startups did incredibly well in that regard. With so many, until now, uncrowned jewels, it’s time we present to you...

* drumroll*

The South America Startups of the Year Winners! 🥳

Santiago, Chile

Chile is known for being the most stable country to do business in Latin America, ranking 13th in The Economist’s Business Environment Index. Moreover, according to the Global Innovation Index, Chile ranks first in Latin America for innovation and is recognised as Chilean Silicon Valley with Santiago being the central city.

The winner is….


It is the 1st world class open-source framework made in Latin-America.

São Paulo, Brazil

And the winner of Brazil’s vibrant financial center is...

Innvo Digital

Their mission is to create the best ecosystem for a technology professional to work and undertake while sharing it with our customers and society.

São Carlos

The absolute leader of Sao Carlos seems to be:


Predify is an online software for optimizing pricing proccess and improving profits with AI and Big Data Analytics.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

With a more than noble goal, Belo Horizone’s winner is:

CM Tecnologia

CM Tecnologia is an online scheduling system for healthcare providers in Brazil.

Porto Alegre, Brazil

With the focus on data protection, Porto Alegre, Brazil’s winner is….

Privacy Tools

Privacy compliance platform, based on AI/Blockchain, which helps global companies to keep compliant with the data protection requirements.

Brasil, Brazil

With the focus on EdTech, Brasil is bringing us:


Awari is a YC-W21 company focusing on education for the Tech Industry. The company is growing at a fast pace and has gathered experts from all leading tech companies into a full education experience to prepare the next cohort of tech talent.


The capital of Ecuador, and also the closest capital to the actual equator, as the winner brings us:


The most comprehensive agricultural directory in Ecuador.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has more than 300 startups and is ranked 3rd in Brazil in terms of startup ecosystem development. The city is famous for the startups in the spheres of education, energy & environment and foodtech.

Their winner is….


Bybrand is the simplest way to save time and avoid frustration when managing your employee's email signatures.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina is not only the cosmopolitan capital with a vibrant history. It’s also Latin America’s most important port. Which makes their winner actually a very logical choice. Please meet:


Liftit is the leading technology platform to automate and execute last-mile truck deliveries across Latin America.

Curitiba, Brazil

With a more noble mission and sustainability in mind, Curitiba, Brazil, as the winner brings us...

Discrepante is the marketplace for a more human and sustainable economy

Florianópolis, Brazil

Would you really be surprised one of the Brazil’s winners is related to football training? We neither. Please meet...

Fútbol Fit Club

Football FitClub® is a fitness training firm that gives fitness training to improve like a professional football player.

Medellín, Colombia

And the first Colombian Startup Winner is is a data intelligence solution powered by a high quality team. Meet...


Market intelligence for international trade in Latin America

Montevideo, Uruguay

The host of inaugural FIFA world cup of 1930 comes through when it comes to innovation even in 2021. I’d like to introduce you to:

Drop Technologies

First electronic hand antiperspirant device

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru, has in 2021 delivered some amazing results when it comes to blockchain technology. Their winner is very well deserved:

RSK Labs

RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform

São Carlos Do Pinhal

Well this is a unique case. The absolute unanimous winner of São Carlos Do Pinhal is:


brain4care solution enables monitoring intracranial compliance noninvasively anywhere

Blumenau, Brazil

We’re sensing a theme here. Another stellar EdTech winner is coming from Blumenau, Brazil. Please meet...


Uniasselvi is a Brazilian distance-learning company that offers more than 60 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in person and distance.

Bogotá, Colombia

Startups of Bogotá, Colombia definitely showed they’re not to be underestimated. With a very noble mission, let me introduce you to:


Risü is an online platform that links online consumption to donation to social institutions.

Campina, Brazil

If there’s one typo of business we’d single out as taking the biggest hit out of the pandemic, it would have to be small businesses. Thankfully, the winner of Campina, Brazil, operates with small businesses in mind

Superlógica Tecnologias Ltda.

Superlogica is a management system company created for small service businesses.

Cerqueira César, Brazil

Swooping half the points from the entire City, this year’s winners of Cerqueira César are


INFOPRICE is a business intelligence company focused on physical retail pricing.

Governador Valadares, Brazil

The same can be said for the winners here. Let’s hear it for:

Grupo KPG

Saas, Payment, Manufacture, Pharmaceutical, E-commerce, Marketplace, Logistics

Caxias Do Sul

Known for wine making and Italian cultural influence, Caxias Do Sul brings as an interesting winner.

Studio 360

Studio 360 is a proptech focused on easing the purchase experience for real state companies, brokers, and costumers.


From Sorocaba, we have an interesting concept coming. Looking forward to seeing it further develop. Let’s meet:


Quinto is a social network that represents the collective opinion of society—to help democracy evolve through technology

Viña Del Mar

To be a venue-oriented business and survive through the pandemic definitely deserves some recognition. In the name of that, let’s meet:


SonicPollen, based in Chile, is a web-based booking platform that connects bands with venues and organizers.


Learn more about high-growth startups in Lages, South America.

and the winner is….


Qualiall develops technologies for training in operational processes such as work security, equipment maintenance, and more.

Córdoba, Argentina

Another gem from Argentina brings us unique agricultural solutions. Please meet:


Kilimo is a Big Data solution for water management in agriculture.

São José Dos Campos, Brazil

Another great agricultural solution comes this time from Brasil. Meet São José Dos Campos Startup winner:


TerraMagna is a fintech company that focuses on risk mitigation for agribusinesses.

São Leopoldo, Brazil

Event-oriented businesses that have survived in the previous years should definitely bottle their perseverance and start selling it. One of those is definitely this winner:


Wedy offers a one-stop-social marketplace for weddings.

Pelotas, Brazil

Medical scheduling platforms are definitely something we need to see more of. So glad Pelotos winner comes from this particular niche.

Fácil Consulta

Fácil Consulta is a booking platform that allows people to schedule an appointment with a Specialist Physician in their area.

Santa Maria

Could you believe how versatile the startups of South America are when we are only now coming across a game development studio? Let’s meet them

Imgnation Studios

Imgnation Studios is a game development studio that focuses on virtual reality.

Asunción, Paraguay

A FinTech solution coming from Paraguay. Meet Asunción Startup of the Year winner

Vision Banco

Vision Banco is a solid and growing financial institution serving the financial needs of the micro, small and medium enterprises.


Venezualan food delivery app that seemed to have your heart. Meet Caracas Startup of the Year winner

Yummy Inc.

First Food Delivery App in Venezuela


A suitable combo between gaming and education, Recife Startup of the Year winner brings revolutionary solutions. Let’s meet them.

Joy Street

Joy Street offers develops video games focused on educational needs.

Rosario, Argentina

The winner of Rosario Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Gbot is an autonomous robot that controls weeds without using agrochemicals. We also collect data in fields and generate precision maps.

Vila Olímpia, Brazil

The winner of Vila Olímpia Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Seekr operates in the Information Technology sector, providing tools for managing and monitoring of brands.


The winner of Barueri Startup of the Year award for 2021 is....


Brazilian mhealth (web/app) platform for diabetes management


The winner of Brasília Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Ticies is a social network that helps people plan where to go with their friends, relatives and acquaintances, in all cities of the world.

Juiz De Fora

The winner of Juiz De Fora Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Qranio is a gamified mobile learning platform for enterprises that rewards learning and stimulates users to engage with educational content.

La Paz

The winner of La Paz Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

Jukumari Advice

360 photo based market place for responsible tour operators


The winner of Temuco Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


GoFeels is the first independent hospitality network in the world. We promote collaborative work among hotels around the world.


The winner of Vitacura Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


MeatMe delivers meats and accessories to have a culinary experience.


The winner of Barranquilla Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Mandaos is a digital platform that connects companies and people with a network of independent messengers


The winner of Ceará Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Caroá is a cooperative that sells 34 varieties of vegetables, organic fruits, and vegetables.


The winner of Chapecó Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


HortiAgro is a seed and fertilizer market.

Chile Chico

The winner of Chile Chico Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Gleengo connects children with their favorite toys, through a tiny device and an application based on text-to-voice.


The winner of Goiânia Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Auvo is an external teams management software.


The winner of Itá Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Tissuelab is a research and development center focused on biotechnology, and systems for reconstructive musculoskeletal surgery.

Jardim Paulista

The winner of Jardim Paulista Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


DiviCom is a digital video networking company that designs, integrates, and markets complete systems.

João Pessoa

The winner of João Pessoa Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


YupiPlay develops and offers an educational gaming platform.

La Reina

The winner of La Reina Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


INTI-TECH is the fastest growing renewable energy in Chile and the world's leading unconventional source.


The winner of Leme Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


EcoStart focuses on manufacturing sustainable electric bicycles, fans, and accessories.


The winner of Loja Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

Enerwi Corporation

Keeping people connected and secured through wireless charging novel solutions


The winner of Manizales Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

Porter Metrics

Porter Metrics has developed an automated solution for generating social media reports in minutes.

Nova Lima

The winner of Nova Lima Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

Biomimetic Solutions

Biomimetic Solutions is an innovative tissue engineering company.


The winner of Paraná Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Laura is a provider of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics platform for hospitala and clinics to prevent damage & reduce costs.


The winner of Salvador Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Sanar is a platform that focuses on being the doctor's guide and support, offering specialized content that helps in their development.

Santa Catarina

The winner of Santa Catarina Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...



The winner of Sunchales Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

Eolo Pharma

Eolo Pharma focuses on developing drugs targeting the molecular and cellular basis of inflammation-related diseases


The winner of Valparaiso Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Invitta transforms plastic waste into a high-performance construction material for manufacturing sustainable urban furniture.

Vila Velha

The winner of Vila Velha Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


OneGrid is a developer of hardware and software solutions focused on energy management.


The winner of Indaiatuba Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

DWUL Energy

Renewable Energy

Campinas, Brazil

The winner of Campinas Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Ativy is an IT company specialized in cloud computing, data centers, IT outsourcing, service desk, and IT management.

Las Condes, Chile

The winner of Las Condes Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Subscription services that allows it's users unlimited access to fitness classes in the best gyms and studios in Latin America.

Pinheiros, Brazil

The winner of Pinheiros Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


GuiaBolso is a personal finance platform that empowers people to take control of financial well-being.

Rio, Brazil

The winner of Rio Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


EmCasa is a vertically-integrated platform that helps customers buy and sell a home in Latin America, starting in Brazil.


The winner of Guayaquil Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Online platform for LatAm's enterprises to order low-cost meals


The winner of Jundiaí Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Sintecsys offers a fast and effective detection, reducing losses and costs with fire brigades.

Minas Gerais

The winner of Minas Gerais Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

Rizoflora Biotechnology

Rizoflora Biotechnology is a producer of biological product designed for nematodes control.

São Caetano Do Sul

The winner of São Caetano Do Sul Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


1 iPaaS in Latam - Enabling companies to be truly digital companies with APIs, systems and data integrated into a single platform


The winner of Canoas Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


ContaÁgil facilitates and reduces bureaucracy in accounting routines of companies.


The winner of Chile Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Unight is the future of nightlife social media.


The winner of Israelândia Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Matchpool is a platform that creates human connections.

La Plata

The winner of La Plata Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Pixivus offers a community-based application that enables its users to collect, store, and share pictures of events.

Novo Hamburgo

The winner of Novo Hamburgo Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Devorando offers an online food ordering system and menus available in restaurants based in Brazil.


The winner of Pernambuco Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Redu is a distant learning platform which is built on a social networking structure.


The winner of Providencia Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


TrainFES is a medical Devices for the rehabilitation of people with paralysis.

Ribeirão Prêto

The winner of Ribeirão Prêto Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...


Ally is a sales distribution channel technology that connects Schools and Service Providers with Education Agencies.

Santa Cruz De La Sierra

The winner of Santa Cruz De La Sierra Startup of the Year award for 2021 is...

Mobi Latam

Mobi Latam is a clean energy startup that focuses on transportation systems based on electric mobility.

Santana De Parnaíba

The winner of Santana De Parnaíba Startup of the Year award for 2021 is... is an e-commerce technology company providing solutions to individuals and companies buying, selling, and more online.

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