Meet Code Daddy and Full Stack Developer, Clint Veasey by@cveasey

Meet Code Daddy and Full Stack Developer, Clint Veasey

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Clint Veasey

From stacking tents for the airforce to working as a full stack developer.

So let’s start! Tell us a bit about yourself. For example, name, profession, and personal interests.

I am not the only one called “Clint Veasey”, but I am certainly the most British one. My main source of income comes from my career in Full Stack Web Development. I do, however, dip into anything that sparks interest or helps me provide for my family!

As well as computing, I also enjoy writing, recording and performing music.

Interesting! What was your latest Hackernoon Top story about?

My latest HackerNoon Top Story was about my most pressing concern in life and the giant that towers over my internal psychological geography: my firstborn Son. I have always taken things quite seriously, and now I am even more serious - I’m not far off walking around my house dressed like Atticus Finch.

He was the reason I started writing on HackerNoon as I wanted to drive traffic to my freelance website for some extra work and money as well as give something back as I must be growing soft and less cynical!

Do you usually write on similar topics? If not, what do you usually write about?

I’ve only been writing on this site for a couple of months, so I am still finding my groove. I’m not really sure what my domain is, I just sort of take a Lynchian approach of fishing for an idea and then once I caught one I just follow it and see where it takes me.

Some fish are small and simple, and some are a bit more complex and branch into different subjects, like an Octopus with lots of tentacles!

My first attempt at writing on the internet was a blog about salsa dancing in my local city.

I realize I’ve still not really answered this question to satisfy even my own curiosity. I don’t know what I usually write about, I’m quite inconsistent!

Great! What is your usual writing routine like (if you have one?)

I have a Todo list, and I set goals every week. One of them is to write 1 article for HackerNoon (it used to be 3 but it was a bit too ambitious).

In my Google Keep app, I record any ideas that pop into my head when I’m doing dishes or walking the dog. When the time comes to write I just pick the idea that feels the most interesting to me at the time and I usually just crank it out in one focused session.

Being a writer in tech can be a challenge. It’s not often our main role, but an addition to another one. What is the biggest challenge you have when it comes to writing?

Initially, I had low confidence and didn’t think I had anything to offer. Much like the current reader, I too have a constant negative voice in my head that is always telling me how crap I am and how much better everyone else is.

Secondly, I find it hard to inject levity and make the often dry and dull subject of tech interesting. I struggle to find stuff that is going to offer value to whatever reader invests time reading my content. That’s why I try to inject a bit of humour, so it can be a bit comforting or entertaining even if it offers no intellectual benefit.

Thirdly, I try my hardest to write content that is evergreen and is not trying to bait clicks using the latest trending buzzwords. It is not always easy though, and the temptation is always there.

All of the above is hard. Every time I write an article, however, it gets a little easier.

What is the next thing you hope to achieve in your career?

I sort of live day to day, week to week. My life has been a turbulent one and any attempt at long-term plans usually goes right out the window in favour of something completely unexpected.

I don’t really think I have a “career” just a series of jobs that lead from one to another.

One day I hope to offer my immediate family financial stability and security. I would also like to have the means and resources to help those in my community.

Wow, that’s admirable. Now, something more casual: What is your guilty pleasure of choice?

I watch reality TV with my wife. I’ve watched a lot of Australian Survivor, Gordon Ramsay swearing at people and am up to date on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Do you have a non-tech-related hobby? If yes, what is it?

Too many, it seems! I enjoy tabletop games. Anything that involves pushing pieces about, painting miniatures and rolling dice.

My other passion is for philosophy and psychology. I engage in Jungian practices such as active imagination, dreamwork as well as zazen meditation.

What can the HackerNoon community expect to read from you next?

I have no idea.

My more psychological articles seem to gain more traction so I’ll probably lean into it more in the future.

Despite not getting as much traffic, I still want to offer more straight-laced technical articles in an attempt to offer genuine authentic value as opposed to something entertaining to consume during a lunchbreak.

Thanks for taking time to join our “Meet the writer” series. It was a pleasure. Do you have any closing words?

Thank you for this honour! I really am humbled and I feel oddly validated. I was up around 0500 feeding my most demanding client (pictured) and I was so excited I typed this up as soon as he drifted back to sleep.

As always, thank you for reading this far.

Take it easy and if you can’t take it easy then take it any way you can.


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