Making Money Online: Turning Content Creation into Career by@mikeyperes

Making Money Online: Turning Content Creation into Career

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Learn to leverage technology to escape the 9-5 work construct.

With the dawn of the digital revolution, came a flood of gateways to work online, and finding niches in the digital sphere. It has indeed, become a very lucrative industry, Still, many remain skeptical or even adverse towards businesses being digitized.

Reasons to shift away from the conventional 9-5 work model include the opportunity to pursue passions, more control of time, and the chance to earn income passively. Ultimately, creating a successful online business could be your vehicle to freedom.

Making Money Online Requires a Shift in Thinking

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of opportunities to learn skills and monetize them; a few to name include digital marketing, online advertising, content and course creation. The online marketplace has expanded our ability to showcase and sell our work.

Pay-per-click ads, affiliate linking, brand partnerships are just some examples of how online content creators are making money. Do you ever wonder how influencers can make a living off their Instagram? Or how can people travel and make money at the same time?

Here are some of the ways money is being made online, and how you can do it too.


Starting a blog around a niche topic is a good way to build essential marketing skills. You can eventually leverage these marketing skills to make some serious money. It doesn’t cost much to set up a blog either, from servers like Bluehost and Host Gator, the average start-up cost is around $42 for the year.

When you’re thinking of themes to centre your blog around, think about what kind of value the blog can offer a specific audience. Are you targeting people interested in learning how to

cook vegetarian meals, or people looking for answers to develop their astrophysics hobby?

Think about the type of keywords people would search for in Google, and from there, come up with a comprehensive list of topics to write about in your blog. has a free keyword rank checker you can use to see how competitive your target keyword ranks for your site compared to competitors.

Affiliate Links

Writing reviews are great because they give you the opportunity to incorporate affiliate links to products. Affiliate links refer to product mentions in your blog post that take the viewer to the Amazon product page. When they make a purchase, you get a percentage of that sale.

For example, you mention in your blog post that “this version of a kitchen mixer is my absolute favourite, get 20% off with my code just in time for Christmas!” When the user uses your code to buy the product, you get a commission off that sale. Now imagine if this blog post is read thousands of times—you have the potential to earn passive income off this one product link. And now think of a new blog post every day. This will help drive traffic to your blog, especially if you’re mindful of using the right keywords.

Social Media Brand Partnerships

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. Having a consistent social media strategy is important for increasing the traffic to your blog. You can gain followers on platforms by consistently posting appealing, relevant content, as well as actively engaging with comments, or doing giveaways to promote your brand. Instagram now has the Reel function in which you can make quick, informative, or engaging content. Once you gain more credibility on the platform, it is possible to create media kits or brand packages to pitch to different companies to sponsor some of your posts.

Some of the top-earning influencers make more than $1 million per post, but these are often the likes of sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or actors like Dwyane Johnson. The more active your following is, the more likely companies will pay you to advertise for them on your platform.

If you’re willing to invest the time and energy into building a credible profile, this might become your golden ticket to making some generous profits.

Content Writing & SEO

Knowing how to write rich articles with proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place, can become a good asset in building a profitable blog, or if you’re a freelance writer working for different companies.

Neil Patel, the owner of Neil Patel Digital and SEO expert advises in a blog post, “On the internet, links are like votes with a slight difference. The winner of an election is determined solely by the number of votes, whereas your web page’s rank doesn’t depend so much on how many incoming links it has (quantity), but rather on the quality of those links”.

Learning how to craft good copy using researched keywords and links to authoritative sources, can help bolster your ranking on Google.

Fiverr is a useful platform for freelancers to create profiles, pricing schemes and build up a reputation in writing if that’s your skill or passion. Because SEO writing is more sought out, it can be considered a higher ticket offer. Therefore, being equipped in SEO can be useful if you want to either create higher ranking blog posts or build a better offer for your freelancing clients.

Creating Expert Courses

Platforms like Skillshare and Coursera have normalized becoming a teacher at a subject online. Everyone has something that they’re good at, either from their hobby or day job—so why not turn it into a course that teaches others to learn that skill?


For example, Christian Mikkelsen and Rasmus Mikkelsen, also known as the Mikkelsen Twins have proven this concept through their business model focused on helping people achieve multiple figure incomes through Amazon Direct Publishing. They cover instructional details in their training videos on everything from mindset change, to hiring ghostwriters and self-publishing your own book, and earning residual income on it. Their company, Publishing Life, is a success story that exemplifies how with hard work and coachability, anyone can catapult themselves into this industry and make lucrative profits from it.

Conclusion: How to Make Money Online

All of these methods of making money online can work in tandem with one another or can be utilized individually. The most important part is putting your full effort into learning the backbone of the industry, especially if you’re thinking of creating a business in the online realm.

There are only increasing outlets in which you can combine your creativity, passion, and technicality to earn extra income. By no means do you have to quit your day job, but once you start making passive income, it can really start to make a difference in how you perceive work and time. The point of the internet is that you put something out there, it stays forever.

That means you can keep earning commission on what you put out, unlike a job where you only make whatever you clock in. These are just some examples to get your head spinning on ways to make money online.

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