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Intuit Inc. provides financial management and compliance products and services for consumers, small businesses, self-employed, and accounting professionals in the United States, ...

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10600 employees
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Since 1983
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287 at Alexa

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How to WOW Users With Intuitive UX Design
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Simple and Intuitive RESTful APIs
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Can AI and Computer Vision Replace Human Intuition?
Published at Jun 30, 2021 by joydeep
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Designing an HMI in Automotive: A Stress-Free and Intuitive Way 
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Lets Talk About Intuition in UX
Published at Feb 20, 2020 by nancy2326

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Intuit (INTU) Lags Q2 Earnings Estimates
Published at Feb 24, 2022 by Nasdaq
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Intuit: Fiscal Q2 Earnings Snapshot
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