Ho, Ho, Ho, HackerNoon: Clever Holiday Gift Ideas From HackerNoon by@ellens

Ho, Ho, Ho, HackerNoon: Clever Holiday Gift Ideas From HackerNoon

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Ellen Stevens

Editor and Marketing Campaign Lead at HackerNoon.

Happy Holidays!!!

Whether you love the holidays or make a point of avoiding them altogether, we can still (probably) all agree that taking the time to appreciate someone you care about in a new and creative way is a beautiful thing to do.

Sometimes a small gesture can go a long way in creating genuinely positive emotions for both gift giver, and gift receiver.

At HackerNoon, the team decided to extend the nomination periods for both of the Startups and Noonies campaigns, as well as to launch the gift shop!

We wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Below are some of the clever ideas:

Idea #1

Order 'your' human’s favourite gear/courses on HackerNoon’s online shop: https://shop.hackernoon.com!

Our long-awaited HackerNoon Shop has recently launched and has some incredible gift items ready for order.

If you want to hack the shop for free stuff, you can! Win your own holiday gift in our giveaways campaign. It's a small token of our appreciation.

How does one win the latest HackerNoon merch? Follow these three steps:

  1. Follow our socials (if you haven't yet)!

  2. Share the word about our giveaway posts on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

  3. Leave a comment under the giveaway posts.

Winning comments under the giveaway posts will be picked randomly by January 3rd.


Idea #2

Nominate Your Friends or Family for Hilarious (Or Simply Awesome) Internet Awards!

The Noonies 2021 Campaign is a democra-tech way to acknowledge the enormous collection of talent around the internet/world in a unique and fun way.

Consider some of the hilarious titles already available (list below) or come up with one (or a few) that remind you of the person you’re creating a gift for.

Loudest Tech Naysayer of the Year

Rick Sanchez of the Year

Centralization Vanquisher of The Year

Memecoin of 2021

Best Tech Educator on Instagram

Read about Noonies here.

If you would like to come up with a new title, please email [email protected] with your title and the person you would like to nominate by January 5, 2022.


Idea #3

Nominate Your Friend or Family’s Startup to Win as the Startup of the Year in a Particular City!

The Startups campaign celebrates the new companies created by the thinkers and doers that – regardless of what life tossed at them this year— have taken the situation by the horns and came out of it with a business plan and the balls (etc.) to launch it.

See our CEO and team have a beautiful discussion about this campaign here.

Read the FAQs about Startups here.

Interested in more details? Read about them here.


Thank you for all that you do! All the best this holiday season!

With care,

Ellen Stevens


Design work by Kien Dao.


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