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No really I submitted two pull requests about 24hrs ago and @holaplex holaplex.com will merge in a bit. Anyone can now use wum.bo tokens (or any other SPL on Solana) and create sales for sh#t on a holaplex store they create, net costs are. jjust as long as any other sh#t you can do on #Solana.

Well, when I fucked around making a video for their devs to follow my train of commits, I figured out that the (non-dusted, non-qa, kinda-ugly) updates are indeed live on holaplex for my two stores, so, well,

Your alpha is pick up on this sh#t before holaplex pushes it which, well, I can neither confirm nor deny is in the works.

This is also strictly not financial advice, do refer to me ol’ twitter bio.





Hey Hackers! I’m Jare!

Honestly, titles can be totally boring and meaningless.

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the HackerNoon community for recognizing this Master as the winner of:

Master of Discovery: https://www.noonies.tech/award/2021-master-of-discovery

If you have made a video acceptance speech on YouTube  (whether a tasteful comedic one or a serious one), please post the link here:

Good idea HN team, but I’ve found posting my face and voice to be a bit of a tricky taste in my mouth as I’ve become more and more aware of the value of privacy and internet security over time :)


HackerNoon Reporter: What does it mean for you to win this title?

Hi reporter!

Well, I’m very glad to have won something honorary - I hadn’t really considered the fact that I’d been nominated, as I hadn’t found anything despite my fever-clicking when Noonies were launched.

I was thrilled to receive the email, just a few days ago - and mom died yesterday, so it got me thru some dark days, along with a crowd of other supporters to the Jare cause (or Jare Show) - silent or not.

How do you or your company intend to embrace the responsibility of this title in 2022?

  1. Abolish companies.
  2. Burn the state

Seriously, I’ve gone and done whatever the heck I please now for about a year or two - and in August I dosed some CBD and then realized Twitter had value, and 15 minutes after that NFTs have value.

This is documented somewhere on some timeline, but I dove in head-first and started breaking things.

I’ve collected a nice little community of people behind me - and although I haven’t been active in the STACC discords for a bit, and I am indeed surprised that the fallout for that hasn’t been greater.

I did make a promise to myself others would find foolish - and wen fanout from Metaplex, and when their devs tell me how to use the Fireball package they never actually released (you can find it, look hard enough) then there will be a few key things that take place.

Note that half of the fan-out tokens are going to the holders of nfts on sale here celebrating my mom's life: https://jareplex.art mint as many as you want. They're around $6 atow. On sale until mom's birthday.

I'm also gonna put this here cuz it's worth it cuz seriously yolo.

Lesley “Lellie/Noma/Mamu/Ohthestardivafromthemusicals?” Jane Dunn, Feb 27 1949, passed away surrounded by her children and some close friends (wed 17th?).

A net-new tidbit of wisdom her children Damion, Tiana and Jarett will embody while supporting, saving & changing the world: “it could have been worse.”

We dare say the comfort we all will realize is eternal and happy. Indubitably, she’s having coffee with her mom and dad, Theo and Reg Dunn.

Thank God for the coffee pot, onwards & upwards, to new journeys. She is celebrated by two fantastic brothers, Rex and Peter Dunn, as well as three wonderful nearly carbon copies of her: Reggie, Renee and Emily Fusco. Financial contributions are encouraged to the Pictou Antigonish Regional Library in Pictou Thank.


Note, ATOW, that Austbot mentioned not sleeping this weekend and delivering fanout.

I guess one of the things I promised mom was that I’d start delivering more context ha, even if I don’t want to bother because I figure people are smart enough to follow up and look shit up - yet I am not my audience, eh.

Fanout will be a program-derived address, probably where tokenized holders on the Solana blockchain will receive payments of sol and hopefully, tokens (fungible or not) when they’re given to the address.

Fireball takes a very mysterious config file that only the devs have seen then takes your, NFTs destroys them, and gives you new ones. This can happen in a 1:1 or x:1 nature.

Combine these things, and STACC token holders can get payouts from whateverthefuckJaremakesmoneywith and STACC 1/1 holders can redeem for tokens that actually do sh#t properly so they can be listed somewhere.

I may leverage connections and just get them listed absolutely everywhere, because, well, I can.


The responsibility I feel is to the people who have just allowed me to function without worrying about food or rent. You come in all shapes and sizes, and I didn’t really expect that NFTs or a sensation derived from tech would pay for my life - yet here we are.

Btw, Austbot said he’ll write Fanout if all y’all buy his Wumbo. More on wumbo later.


Also, https://wum.bo. You’re gonna need this chrome extension later.

What are some of the goals you’re looking forward to accomplishing in 2022 (whether it be through company initiatives or your personal journey)?

So, ditch the ‘we love working!’ narrative. It’s unattractive.

Next, listen to this song to illustrate the anger that I feel in my heart when people go ‘omg capitalism we really appreciate the abuse seriously can I have like less purchasing power PLZ.’



  1. Value for Staccers. Also, there are a few ppl that bought into Frogz. If ya know, ya know. Frogz are still actually a genius idea, regardless, just needs more penetration.

  2. We’re going to accomplish lots of stuff at Jare’s Crypto and Not Holding Co. (Seriously, real company).

  3. Some cool as fuck things will happen when I copy and paste a few lines of code and extend wum.bo into a bunch of whole new markets, where they can allow creators more market share and also allow them a more valuable relationship with their supporters on a given platform - for all parties involved.

    1. It’s important to note that one of the life-changing moments for me was when I joined a squeeze webinar. It was about children’s books, oddly enough, on kindle. Their pitch was that you can reuse the same ideas and extend, and it’s a repeatable scalable business. That’s not the epiphany. They let slip that you offer a free audiobook recording via automated email campaign - even if you record it yourself - and that starts a funnel.

    2. Altogether, that’s not useful. What is, is gaining alternative/backup communications channels with supporters of yours that may become true proponents - that’s not just financially, but the people you impact on the strongest will just fight for your cause. In chats, in socials, and by championing your name (or pseudonym sudo name, whatever).

  4. Anywho, the thing is that at present as an affiliate on Twitter you don’t have many options should they demonetize you or - worse-yet - deplatform you.

    When you are monetized, your only ability to communicate off-platform is to manually download an email list via 4-5 menu levels deep in settings - and that’s only for your current paying subscribers.

  5. The value Wumbo brings includes a natural resistance to deplatforming and demonetization - because it’s an abstracted layer laid above the networks you’re seeing it interface with. It’s really fucking cool under the hood.

I really only found these guys a few days ago and the cofounders seem to incorporate constructive feedback and suggestion.

For ages, I’ve just been adding value to existing projects only if they’re groundbreaking. I do it with labor & thought, and pull out more value than I put in. They call that venture capitalism.

Read about it here: https://jareplex.art

As you look at the variety of concerning trends in the world around you, what solutions can you think of? Name three trends and three solutions. Be as brief or as detailed as you like.

Hi, fellow humans. The only pastime for the ultrarich is to divide us, and ensure that poor people continue hating & fearing other poor people.

This manifests in many different ways - like blowing a given issue way out of proportion and using it to strip us of our rights. We allow them and encourage them, believing it’ll keep us unmurdered.

Evidently, we weren’t scared enough of terrorism, or climate change.

Now, a few days ago here in Canada they enacted a Terrorism Act - to defund the Freedom Convoy giving them a ‘minor inconvenience’ in the capital.

Yesterday, the headlines were ‘military operation to remove entrenched protesters from the Canadian capital.’' If that doesn’t concern you, friends, then you are more deluded than I (and that’s saying a lot).

The solution is to abandon the currencies by which the ultrarich measure their control and enforce it.

Just put the fiat down guys ann gals, it’s hurting you.

Burn it.

Anyways, the vision is a future wherein small microeconomies can self-identify - a household, a town, the collective of farmers in a given legal jurisdiction.

In the same few tx that you identify, as anonymously as you want, you also tokenize & create an interface for people to mint your social tokens.

Now you or your group can have people from anywhere in the world or as closeby as you like mint your tokens - and your initial costs here are about $3 ATOW, and will vary only as much as costs around the entire Solana network.

Anyways, until now the act of providing liquidity on an Automated Market Maker would require the person creating the market to contribute funds - sometimes an awful lot - in order for people to be able to trade one way or another against your token.

No longer.

Math allows us to use a bonding curve to allow the network to provide the liquidity.

Now, I don’t understand maths much at all, but the net effect is that you have a token and at present wumbo shows that as a wrapper of twitter (please, think bigger than this proof of concept).

Someone visits your profile, mints some tokens, everyone’s token value goes up - the people in early are probably most happy, cuz they still only spent that initial $3 in fees and the rest of their money they put in their own token, early.

Not all of it. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Never test in prod. Etc.

Anyways, let’s go back to a family of farmers They make a token, load up on them, and run the same script I ran on https://jareplex.art to create a marketplace to issue digitalized representations of their on-hand and/or upcoming goods.

Someone buys their tokens, buys the NFTs, and can do whatever - eventually I burn an NFT and get a big ol’ bag of wholesome yummy potatoes. Wonderful.

By buying FARM tokens I’ve put the price of those tokens up. By using them to buy the NFT the farmers have actually earned more than they would have to sell an NFT or fundraise. :)

Take it or leave it.

The given collective of family farmers earn a % of every trade for farmers in that collective, and the farmers themselves earn royalties when their stuff trades, too. So, like, bro, you actually earn a third revenue stream for your fucking potatoes :)

I’m rage-y.

Not far beneath the anger is an awful lot of hurt.

As an ENFJ I’m mostly hurt by all y’all being abused as badly as you are. Seriously, I can’t watch television because I cry at the fucking ads.

After participating in this journey, is there anything that you would like the HackerNoon team to know?

I love you all very much. Old & new faces alike.

What is something special about you or your company that you’ve rarely had the chance to properly share but really wanted to? (Give this one a proper think, I’ll know if you didn’t!)

Ayyy, it will probably never pay taxes.

I registered it because it’s a cool fuckin name. It’s never technically earned revenue either mind you. If it did, it was a capital loss. Catch me if you can.

What song or music album are you currently enjoying?

Eurodance 90s playlist, Spotify.

What are some concepts you wish people knew more about?

Cryptocurrency, game theory.

Is there anything else you’d like me to know? It can be anything.

Whoever you are, you’re loved and when the end comes it’s much less terrifying than you’ve always anticipated.

Disclaimer/ Editor’s Note: The author’s opinions are his own.

Thank you for everything that you do! – HackerNoon Team.

P.S. If you enjoy getting interviewed (AKA, the ol’ intellectual stimulation, check out some more interviews here!)

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